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At Konnect Pilates you will find that our high-level fully comprehensively certified Pilates instructors will guide and encourage you through fresh new concepts of mindful movement. They will help you design an exercise program that brings great results. You’ll like the way the new you looks and feels! It is our goal to help you improve the outer you while at the same time pampering the inner you for a greater sense of well being and peace of mind. Let us help you select a program that fits your learning style from the list below with our First Konnection Session and learn more.

Private Pilates, BodyCode, CoreAlign, Bodhi suspension system, MOTR and Balanced Body Barre sessions are beneficial to all walks of life. No prior movement knowledge is necessary.  Konnect Pilates clients will learn the Principals of Pilates, about proper alignment all while creating symmetry and increased body awareness.  Pilates provides balance and harmony with everyday movements and trains the body to release tension.

With private training, we can help people with many kinds of injuries (back, knee, shoulder pain, and more). Dancers, or athletes from other sports like golf, baseball, soccer, swimming, ice skating, equestrians, and many more!

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Pilates Private Training

1-on-1 With An Instructor

Private Pilates sessions, BodyCode, Corealign, Bodhi suspension and MOTR are all great ways to help you reach your fitness goals and potential wellness. Private sessions are open to students at all levels. Whether you are a newcomer to Pilates or a seasoned Pilates enthusiast, an athlete who is used to fitness training or a dancer that could use a studio and trainers who understand movement to help you reach peak performance on stage or off, Konnect Pilates is the place you want to be! 

You deserve to have your workouts in a friendly warm environment with over 5,000 sq ft of state of the art equipment . Your fully comprehensively certified Pilates instructor will guide you through a 55min private session to address your needs and goals and send you off with some great take homes. Great for any fitness level the “First Konnection” private session is a perfect way to start up and learn about Pilates or enhance your existing practice and get introduced to our studio.

  • This option best maximizes your individual needs and goals. Through private training, you are able to workout on any piece of equipment, in our fully loaded state of the art Private room.
  • At Konnect Pilates, clients can receive post-rehabilitative training, strength/flexibility training for athletes/ dancers/ swimmers/ skaters/ golfers/ etc., pre-/ and post-natal training, or basic health improvement training. We are not a one size fits all studio there is something for everyone.
  • Konnect Pilates clients will learn about all of the Pilates Principals and proper alignment while creating symmetry and body awareness. Pilates provides balance and harmony with everyday movements and trains the body to release tension in a friendly and non-competitive environment.
  • Private sessions are beneficial to all walks of life. No prior mindful movement or sport knowledge is necessary.
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Pilates Group Reformer

Fully equipped Reformer Classes

Konnect Pilates offers a wide variety of more than 30 Group Reformer classes every week. These classes come in all levels from beginning to advanced, Pre-Natal and post-rehab. Konnect Pilates Reformer classes use all of the Pilates apparatus including state of the art Reformers, Towers, Chairs and Barrels. Our Group Reformer room is as close to the experience you would enjoy in a Private lesson. The difference is that there is one instructor to a maximum of only six clients per session plus Konnect’s leveled classes make it easy for us to keep your form up to speed.

A “First Konnection” (private) session is essential before enrolling into any Group Reformer class. This way we can take note of your goals recommend a program that best suits your needs. Your First Konnection instructor will also note your postural evaluation that will be on you private profile so our highly skilled instructors can keep you safe and on track to success.

Reformer classes are 55 minutes per session. In each class you will move through a variety of invigorating exercises for a full-body balanced workout. Your Konnect Pilates instructor will be teaching, observing and adjusting your movements and help you with your breathing techniques, muscle activation and physical alignment for you to easily reap the benefits of the Pilates Method. We have designed each class so that once you have mastered the basics you can move on to a wider variety of classes while staying within your fitness level.

We also offer a unique Dance Konditioning program developed by dancers for dancers along with Safe & Strong classes for pre and post-natal clients.

Class size is limited to 6 people, so everyone receives ample attention.Reserve your space prior to attending. (Spaces are limited!)

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Specialty Group Classes

Available For All Levels

At Konnect Pilates mind-body, Specialty group classes are small one of a kind small equipment and group mat classes that are designed to provide you with a safe yet highly effective way to strengthen, stretch and streamline your body and improve performance in your daily life. Enjoy our newly remodeled studio with the newest equipment in mindful movement some the first of it’s kind in Orange County housing Pilates Mat, Balanced Body Barre, MOTR, BODHI and BodyCode. Each method is designed to reduce stress, improve physical fitness for everyone from beginners to athletes.

Get energized working out with small groups and maybe make some new friends along the way! Group Specialty classes in our beautiful “Studio 2” classroom give everybody the opportunity to challenge themselves. These classes are open leveled and offer numerous varieties per week. Specialty group classes are your most affordable option to choose and a great way to mix up your Private or Group equipment series. Classical Mat, Intro to Mat, BODHI suspension system, MOTR, Balanced Body Barre and Body Code are all included in this series of classes. Konnect Pilates clients will reinforce a foundation of Pilates basics, experience challenging movement patterns, and build both balance and coordination in a fun and nurturing atmosphere.

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Pilates Teacher Training

Become A Pilates Instructor

Perhaps you practice Pilates, have fallen in love with it, and realize that you now want to teach Pilates and bring its many benefits to others. Maybe you’re a dancer or athlete, and you want to learn how to teach Pilates so you can start a rewarding second career. Pilates teacher training is also a great option for both college students and parents, who find that the high pay and flexible hours are a great way to earn money while they – or their kids – are in school.

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