“Wealth of pilates knowledge”


Two weeks ago, I finally had my very first pilates experience at Konnect Pilates. I was very nervous coming to my very first appointment, not knowing what to expect. That nervousness was eased quickly with the friendly service at the front desk. Since it was my first time at the studio, I was given a first-timer tour. In addition to the reformers area that you can peak in from the glass front on the first floor, they also have a huge mat room on the second floor. There is also a changing room for those that come straight from work.

I am not sure if everyone needs to have a private session before taking the group classes, but I needed one since I have never done pilates before.

My first-time private session was with Morgan who amazed me with her wealth of pilates knowledge. Within the one hour, she enriched my vocabulary with so many new words in pilates world. During the session, Morgan also made sure that I got the basic fundamentals of pilates by ensuring that my forms and breathing are done correctly. I was a little concerned that I could not remember the all the different movements but her method of repeating them worked for me. The one hour went by very quickly and I came out of the studio feeling completely relaxed and totally stretched. Thank you, Morgan!

Fast forward to this week, Iíve had two group classes with Morgan and I am liking it. The class size is small ñ I believe the maximum is six. I like the fact that the trainer knows the certain restrictions and limitations of her trainees/students and offers modifications for those that have issues with certain moves.

I have yet tried other classes that Konnect Pilates offers in the big mat room upstairs so it is in my plan to venture there one of these days.

Anh Nguyen

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