“‘Jewel’ of a fitness resource”

I started training with them in August of 2015, and have had a private session twice a week ever since. Recently, I have tried their group classes, as well, with equally satisfying results.

My rating is based on two aspects of the studio: the staff (trainers) and the facilities. The trainers (I have worked mostly with Alexandra) do an outstanding job. Alexandraís dance background enables her to spot my bad form immediately, and she knows (I suppose from her own training in Pilates) exactly what correction to give. The correction invariably makes the exercise both safer and more difficult (therefore, more productive) for me.

I can feel the results of my work in terms of significantly improved balance and agility, as well as greater core strength.

The equipment is well maintained, and, in some cases, unique or rare. The unique pieces were invented by one of the owners, and the rare ones (such as their CoreAlign machines) are not often found in other Pilates studios. In fact, it was CoreAlign that led me to the studio in the first place, even though I now do more work on the table and the ìReformer.î

Iím grateful to have discovered this ìjewelî of a fitness resource in South Orange County, and would recommend it without hesitation to others.

Mark Wallace

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