“Forever Grateful”

Konnect Pilates truly is an exceptional studio! Very rarely do you find it all, but I can promise you at Konnect you will. It starts from the top, with the owners, Viktor and Kelly. Their passion, their level of caring and knowledge is apparent in the teachers they hire, the exceptional equipment hey have / how well itís maintained, the time invested in their clients to assure not only the best training, but that each client understands how to do the movements properly and why. Unfortunately, this is not something you will find at most studios. Trust me as I wouldnít make the 45 minute drive (depending on traffic it can be longer) to take classes at their studio if it wasnít worth every minute!! There is no better investment than your own health and wellbeing so why would you cheat yourself of the absolute best.?!.?! I can assure you that you will not be disappointed! It truly is life changing!!!

Forever Grateful ~ Rochelle

Rochelle Medina

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