Here are some of the things that our clients are saying about us:

“Love this Place”

I can’t imaging a more qualified group of professional Pilates teachers and instructors in one studio.  Their professionalism doesn’t end at teaching; the care and keeping of their clients is tremendous.  I’ve made much progress with my fitness goals; alleviated shoulder and neck issues, improved post…

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Joanna Kerner

“I would not go anywhere else”

I love everything about your services. What I like best is the expertise of the instructors. Their knowledge base is second to none. This makes for a safe effective timely work out…

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Susan Case

“More incredible than I expected”

I took a private pilates with Michel Gervais at Konnect Pilates yesterday and it was even more incredible than I expected. He has so much knowledge I trust him more than any official…

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Cee Cee Wakefield

“You keep me sane!”

You keep me sane! It is my 1 hour for myself to breath and shut my brain off. I love the variety of reformer classes and Bodhi to challenge me in a different way. Every body has your best interest in mind and makes you feel like family. I have made great friends with my Konnect family and wouldn’t…

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Kristine Hernandez

“A South County gem!”

I’ve had the best results at Konnect Pilates! Their instructors, staff, and service are excellent; always professional, always kind and caring! I take 2 classes per week and try to add two privates per month. Adding Gina Cerato as my instructor has given me double the results in a very short time…

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Joanna Kerner

“Forever Grateful”

Konnect Pilates truly is an exceptional studio! Very rarely do you find it all, but I can promise you at Konnect you will. It starts from the top, with the owners, Viktor and Kelly. Their passion, their level of caring and knowledge is apparent in the teachers they hire, the exceptional equipment…

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Rochelle Medina

“Clean spacious studio”

Clean spacious studio with so many exercise options for every need. Creative workouts that target specific muscles. So far the 3 different trainers have been great working with my 12 year old daughter who is determined to strengthen her body to keep scoliosis at bay. We love that there are dancers/dance…

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Claudine Kim

“Highly trained professionals”

Konnect Pilates instructors are highly trained professionals. When I talk to other people about the Pilates classes they attend, it’s obvious that there are many instructors out there that do not know what they are doing, which can be dangerous. I never worry at Konnect Pilates because all of the …

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Tracy Van Mil

“Real Deal”

Konnect Pilates is the “real deal”. The studio facilities and equipment are top notch. The instructors are extremely talented and focused toward continuously improving their Pilates expertise. I recommend them to everyone I talk to about health issues…

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Todd Stanton

“Care about the entire individual”

The staff at Konnect Pilates care about the entire individual. The connection between mind and body is incorporated into all of the training sessions I have shared with with my instructor…

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Linda Cox

“Wealth of pilates knowledge”

Two weeks ago, I finally had my very first pilates experience at Konnect Pilates. I was very nervous coming to my very first appointment, not knowing what to expect. That nervousness was eased quickly with the friendly service at the front desk. Since it was my first time at the studio, I was given …

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Anh Nguyen

“‘Jewel’ of a fitness resource”

I started training with them in August of 2015, and have had a private session twice a week ever since. Recently, I have tried their group classes, as well, with equally satisfying results. My rating is based on two aspects of the studio: the staff (trainers) and the facilities. The trainers (I have…

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Mark Wallace

“I just love Konnect Pilates”

I love how we are not a number just the client we are people you care about and if we have injuries or anything you help us map things out in Taylor exercises and classes and privates to help restore we claim we juveniles uplift strengthen and power it’s wonderful . I love how you guys are warm caring…

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Craig Hogan

“They’ll kick your booty”

onnect is really the best Pilates studio I have found. The instruction is spot on. they really make sure that you get the most out of each movement. They offer many other fun classes, such as Barre and MOTR. They’ll kick your booty, but with a precision I’ve never found at any other studio. There a…

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Breanne Fletcher

“I’m one happy customer!”

I’m one happy customer! Pilates is new to me and now understand the philosophy, I’m just sorry it took me years to try it. Its never to late to start something good for yourself…

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Louisa Todisco

“Amazing people”

Amazing people. Great for mind and body healing or training for any body from athletes and dancers to everyday folks…

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Andy Relis

“They are wonderful”

They are wonderful. They care about you and your injuries. They are very knowledgeable. They teach you to understand your body. Love them I have been with them ten years…

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Teresa Hogan

“Beautiful studio”

Beautiful studio with calming and inviting atmosphere! Excited to work out on some of the new equipment that just got in…

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Alexandra Gonzalez

“Lovely staff and class!”

Lovely staff and class! I come from Irvine and it only takes me 15 minutes as the location is close to the freeway. Come take a look…

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Haruna Uriu

First Konnection

We will learn about your goals and you will learn about us!