Journal of Viktor Uygan’s experience filming at Pilates Anytime….

The time had actually arrived, years of experience put into many hours of thought and preparation to present two of my classes on Pilates Anytime. Not only was I excited to be invited but the fact that I could bring my wife to be my model for the filming brought me back to our old days dancing together as professional ballet dancers. I couldn’t wait to partner with her again this time on a different stage. I had an overwhelming sense of excitement thinking of myself as part of Pilates Anytime’s incredible line up of instructors on this online platform that is in over 130 countries with thousands and thousands of subscribers.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon to drive up to Santa Barbara, California from our home in Orange County. Being it was a large sports day and the final game of the European Cup the traffic was light. Who knew there were so many football fans in the US? Saying that I did get to catch the game and then hit the road. Not being in any big rush to get there my wife and I drove up the 101 and enjoyed conversation and the beautiful scenery through Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach up through Los Angeles and onward to Santa Barbara.

We arrived at the beautiful Montecito Inn and were greeted by lovely staff. We went into an elevator with a beautiful vintage style bronzed door, you could sense it had the history built into it. Opening our room we were again pleasantly surprised with a warm handwritten welcome card from Pilates Anytime. And basket filled with snacks, water, fruit and some of the more important necessities, wine, and chocolate! After a quick workout and stretch to make certain our bodies were ready for the day ahead of us it was time to eat.

We had an amazing dinner at what we were told was one of the US’s top 20 sushi restaurants in downtown Santa Barbara called Arigato. Our favorite pick was the Yellowtail Carpaccio and the magic mushroom roll. After a great meal and stomachs full, it was time to get some rest.

Viktor Uygan

The alarm went off in the morning of this anticipated day.

No better way to start the day off right other than a delicious latte from the Handlebar Coffee Roasters cafe in downtown Santa Barbara. After breakfast, we went back to our hotel got ready and started on our way to the Pilates Anytime Studio.

Arriving at The Pilates Anytime Studio can truly take your breath away. The freeway exit drops you right next to the water. And you’ll know you are getting close by seeing those familiar train tracks near. And that familiar scene on the backdrop of every Pilates Anytime video that we have watched for years. We hear often people think it is a fake superimposed photograph in the background on their videos. I will tell you it’s as real as it gets and just gorgeous! Once again we were greeted with another warm welcome by Amy Haven and the Pilates Anytime crew which made us feel at home and at ease.

Lights, camera, an action I began with filming a short bio interview. Then moved quickly along to my Pilates Reformer workout and Mat classes. Time truly does fly when you are having fun. We had a great day filled with hard work laughs and funny bloopers. The overall process was pretty seamless. Before a blink of an eye we were done and the champagne was poured and handed out. The doors of the studio opened to the fresh ocean breeze on a beautiful sunny Monday. Kristi Cooper and The Pilates Anytime crew is a top notch classy organization bringing awareness and endless education making it accessible to the world to learn what Pilates is and how it can change people’s lives.

Thank you to every individual who has believed in me and my journey to teach and move. I am blessed to be in a job helping people and loving what I do!