Handstand on ladder barrel is used to help support and guide the body through each exercise. It allows the user to feel connected and safe, which allows the body to continue to be challenge. Using the Ladder Barrel for Hand Stands helps the body feel where the back and head should be while the legs can be press safely to the ceiling.

If you notice, we also use the platform for the equipment, to not only cushion the hands but to allow the body to press up and out of the hands. Begin by carefully laying on your stomach, over the Barrel, facing the Ladder. Reach for the Ladder rungs to pull yourself down until the hands can reach the platform. Use one leg to press again the Barrel to bring the other leg up. Start with one leg at a time, to work up to the full handstand.

Remember to press into your hands to lift yourself higher. The opposition will make you feel lighter. Also, continue to scoop the core in and up to provide control and stability. Add a stretch in with one leg at a time, by pressing the foot into the top of the barrel as the other leg reaches back. (Control the back through this stretch) Don’t forget to breathe! Be cautious of any wrist, neck, shoulder or back injures.

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