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Perhaps you practice Pilates, have fallen in love with it, and realize that you now want to teach Pilates and bring its many benefits to others. Maybe you’re a dancer or athlete, and you want to learn how to teach Pilates so you can start a rewarding second career. Pilates teacher training is also a great option for both college students and parents, who find that the high pay and flexible hours are a great way to earn money while they – or their kids – are in school.

Whatever your situation, as an official host site for the complete Balanced Body® comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program, Konnect Pilates offers the Pilates teacher training that you need.

The Balanced Body® Pilates teacher training program is designed in modules. You can take your first course now and continue your Pilates teacher training next week, next month or next year. You move at your own speed towards a full Pilates certification. Here at Konnect Pilates we have two full sessions for all EIGHT Modules, plus Anatomy in 3D. By offering these year-round classes, you can easily fit your training into your busy life. Are you already a certified Pilates teacher, Physical Therapist or Health industry instructor? Konnect Pilates also offers continuing education and certificate programs with PMA and ACE credits with the CoreAlign® BODHI Suspension System, MOTR, Balanced Body Barre and the BodyCode System®.

Movement Principles:

  • Mat – mat 1 2, & 3
  • Reformer -1,2 & 3
  • Cadillac
  • Chair
  • Barrel
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Your Pilates Certification will be Recognized Worldwide
This Pilates Teacher Training Program is affiliated with Balanced Body, the biggest and one of the most respected Pilates manufacturers in the world. This is an assessment-based certificate of completion – not just a “Pilates Certificate” like so many other studios offer. As a result, your Pilates Certification will meet the high standards of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and be recognized worldwide.

You’ll Have One Place to Go for All Your Training and CECs
Although one of the nice things about the Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Certification is that you get the flexibility to do your continuing education credits (CEC) anywhere, it’s also nice to have a “Pilates training home.” Konnect Pilates offers a full range of classes and workshops, so you can continue to work with us over time as your Pilates instructor career progresses. Some of the other Pilates certifications available through our Pilates Teacher Training Program include Pilates Mat Certification, Pilates Barre Method Certification.

You Can Participate in an Excellent Apprenticeship Program
Konnect Pilates offers a well-respected Pilates Instructor Apprenticeship Program. The 12 instructors at our studio are all comprehensively certified, with at least six years of experience in the field. Let them help and guide you until you’re ready to teach on your own – and then take advantage of “part 2” of our Pilates Instructor Apprenticeship Program, which is assistance in finding a job.

You’ll Get More Hands-On Time on the Equipment
Nearly all classes have a maximum 2 to 1 ratio of students to machines. This means significantly more practice time for you!

You’ll Get On-Going Mentorship Support
Our goal is to help you succeed as a Pilates instructor. You’ll be able to email us or speak to us directly whenever questions or concerns arise.

You Can Do Your Observation & Practice Hours in Our Studio
Those who complete our Pilates Teacher Training Program can do their required observation and practice hours at our studio at no charge.

You’ll be able to Train on All of the Balanced Body Machines

Konnect Pilates’ 5,000 square foot studio has a full collection of Balanced Body Pilates equipment available for your Pilates training, including:

Konnector, Studio Reformer, Allegro 2 with Infinity Foot Bar and Tower of Power, Allegro 2 with Infinity Foot Bar and Tower of Power, Combo Chair, Trapeze Table/Cadillac Ladder Barrel, Clara Step Barrel, Pilates Arc, CoreAlign®, MOTR, Orbit, Bodhi Suspension System.

Fantastic course and what a great studio at Konnect Pilates. Victor was very thorough and helpful while instructing the Anatomy course. Everyone attending including the studio staff was so friendly and encouraging!

I cannot imagine receiving a better training coach. Kelly at Konnect Pilates is so thorough and detailed. So thankful I chose Balanced Body but especially grateful for the training provided by the host facility!