Many people are turning to Pilates as a way to strengthen their core. Enhance their flexibility, and even improve their dance and sports performance. As a result, more chain Pilates studios are emerging than ever before. While you can still benefit from going to a chain Pilates studio, there are numerous benefits to going to a private studio like Konnect Pilates.

Konnect Pilates is not your ordinary Pilates studio, we specialize in dance conditioning, sports performance, and rehabilitation Pilates. Our certified Pilates instructors can give you individualized attention in one of our private sessions, or you have the option of attending one of our Pilates reformer classes in a group setting. No matter what your needs may be, our Pilates instructors can guide you toward the right path. Check out Konnect Pilates online, and read on below to learn about how Konnect Pilates can help you!

Years of Experience

When you attend a Pilates studio, you want a guarantee that you are learning from the best. At Konnect Pilates, our founders, Viktor and Kelly Uygan. Both have more than 29 years of experience as both personal trainers and as professional ballet dancers. As Pilates instructors, having experience in both personal training and as ballet dancers comes in handy. Many dancers utilize Pilates as a way to improve their dancing and personal training. That gives Viktor and Kelly the ability to successfully guide new clients through the movements in Pilates.

In addition to many years of experience. Viktor and Kelly both have certificates in Pilates, BodyCode, Ki-Hara, CoreAlign, Anatomy, BODHI, MOTR, Balanced Body Barre, The Konnector, and Pink Ribbon programs.

A Variety of Classes to Fit Your Needs

When you walk into a Pilates class, you can’t be expected to be at the same level as the other people in the room. At Konnect Pilates, not only do we offer a variety of classes to fit your needs, but all of our Pilates instructors are versed in different modifications to help make the class easier or more challenging. For those who need more instruction and want to ensure that they have the proper form for each movement. You have the option of doing a one-on-one class with one of our instructors. Once you feel more comfortable with recognizing, how your body moves. You can try one of our group classes such as our Pilates reformer class.

As we mentioned above, at Konnect Pilates, we specialize in Pilates for dance conditioning, sports performance, and rehabilitation. Pilates is a wonderful tool that can help you strengthen your body. Dancers and athletes can benefit from the understanding of how their body moves in a space, whereas those who are in physical therapy can benefit from the strengthening of their muscles. No matter what your needs may be, the instructors at Konnect Pilates have the skills and expertise to ensure that you receive the proper guidance.


Konnect Pilates was founded on a passion for Pilates. Our founders have experienced the difference that Pilates can make in your athletic performance, and in your daily life. All of our trainers are held to the highest standards and work hard to improve the Pilates experience for all of their clients.

In addition to setting high standards for all of the instructors at Konnect Pilates. The founders are always looking for new ways to make Pilates a more effective and enjoyable experience. Viktor Uygan even invented the Konnector to help improve how Pilates is performed. This innovative tool attaches to a Balanced Body wood reformer and allows for added comfort in addition to a feature that gives the user the option of moving one limb at a time or practicing functional movement.

These are just a few examples of what makes Konnect Pilates stand apart from other Pilates studios in Mission Viejo. For more information and to sign up for your free consultation, contact Konnect Pilates today!

We look forward to seeing you soon.