What are the Benefits of Barre?

You may be thinking that only dancers use a ballet barre, but you would be wrong. Over the last few years, people have begun to realize the immense benefits of using a ballet barre to strengthen and sculpt the body, as well as improve flexibility. At Konnect Pilates, we are proud to offer our Balanced Body Barre class where our instructor will lead you through a combination of arm, ab, thigh, and glute exercises to strengthen and tone your entire body. If you want to see even more results, couple our barre classes with either a private or group pilates class. Your body will thank you. Contact Konnect Pilates to schedule your free consultation today!

In today’s blog, we will take a brief look at the benefits of taking a barre class and how it works to tone and strengthen your body. If you would like to learn more about Konnect Pilates’ Balanced Body Barre class check out our website. In the meantime, continue reading below.

A Brief History

Barre was developed by a German ballerina named Lotte Berk after injuring her back. She decided she wanted to create a way to combine her conditioning routine with her rehabilitative therapy. In 1959, Lotte opened her first barre studio in her basement.

An American student of Lotte’s by the name of Lydia Bach brought the barre workout to the United States in 1971. Since then, many others have created their own variations of the workout, and it has spread throughout the country.

The barre workout was originally created for dancers, but since then, many other exercise enthusiasts have incorporated it into their routines. However, barre workouts are still popular among dancers and are used for conditioning.

How it Works

Barre classes typically consist of using your own body weight to strengthen and tone your muscles; however, small hand weights can be used for arm exercises, or an exercise ball for leg exercises.

Barre classes work a little differently than strength training, but you will see similar results. With strength training, you use larger movements to work your muscles. With barre exercises, you use isometric movements, which are small, one-inch movements. These movements may not seem like they do much, but when these small movements are coupled with holds and pulses, they will make your muscles more elastic and you will be able to do more reps, target multiple muscle groups at once, and improve your slow-twitch muscles which are responsible for endurance. Not to mention, by only doing small movements, you reduce

your risk of straining or tearing your muscles.

The Downside

Barre classes are a great way to strengthen and tone your body, but barre is not the solution to all of your exercise woes. You may need additional training and exercise in order to strengthen and tone your body to its full potential. If you stick to only barre classes, you may not gain the functioning strength you acquire from strength training and eventually you might plateau and stop seeing results. Although it’s great to keep moving, you need to make sure you are challenging your body.

Luckily, Konnect Pilates offers both classes with the ballet barre, and pilates! If you feel that you have plateaued with your barre workout, try one of our group pilates classes, or schedule a private session with one of our pilates instructors. When you schedule your free consultation, our experts will be able to tell you the best route to take to reach optimal strength and flexibility. Schedule your consultation with Konnect Pilates today!