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Konnect Method

The Konnect method of movement, though unique in approach, is a movement system which integrates the best of the Pilates method with the emerging biotensegrity and fascia science. At the heart of the Konnect method of movement is Viktor Uygan. Viktor’s varied movement experiences include his time performing as a professional ballet dancer, teaching up and coming ballet dancers, and owning Konnect Pilates studio, where he is a master instructor for Balanced Body. Viktor’s movement mind and inventors mind come together in his Konnect methodology and have led to the creation of the Konnector, a strap system for the Reformer that integrates the four limbs. Before exploring the Konnector, lets take a step back and explore Viktor’s methodology of movement.

Viktor Uygan

Viktor Uygan’s long history as a professional dancer and in fitness led him to Pilates after moving to the United States in 1993
Mover, Educator, Inventor
Viktor Uygan’s long history as a professional dancer and in fitness led him to Pilates after moving to the United States in 1993. Since then, he has become PMA certified he is an owner of Konnect Pilates in Southern California for the past 16 years. Viktor is a Balanced Body Master Instructor and teaches courses in Pilates, Anatomy in 3 Dimensions, BODHI, MOTR, CoreAlign, and the Konnector. He specializes in the training athletes and dancers and holds certifications with the Ki-hara technique for resistance flexibility and strength training as well as the AmericanBallet Theater National Training Curriculum for young dancers. Viktor presents worldwide with his workshops and his innovative invention The Konnector. You can also see his classes on many of Balanced Body DVD’s along with Pilates Anytime and featured articles in Pilates Style Magazine.

“I want people to move efficiently, without using an apparatus such as the Reformer. When people are working on a Reformer, or other training apparatus, it is important that they move in the apparatus, as opposed to the apparatus moving them.”

This statement is at the heart of Viktor’s method. Finding ways to create semi-closed chained movement environments allows the freedom of limb movement to be related and predicated on the stability, or anchoring, through the core and opposing limb(s). This relationship means that the limbs are responsible, support and answer to the demands of the movement.

Finding ways to provide external semi-closed chain resistance helps clients make neuromuscular connections by providing a feedback loop. Whether using bands or the Konnector on the Reformer, the feedback integrates all the limbs; as the legs move, the arms stabilize and vice versus. While both open and closed chain exercises are functional in nature and used in the rehabilitation and fitness settings, both allow for client compensation patterns. With a semi-closed chain environment, the feedback of the straps, in the case of the Konnector, inform the body of the imbalance and the straps then adjust to the movement. In short, clients can see, feel and understand compensatory patterns and use the feedback from the straps to self-correct.

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The Konnect method of movement believes that the more the body can connect, through the limbs to the core, through the limbs to each other, more responsible and receptive they become to integrated movement patterns. This in turn leads to more efficient and integrated full body movement bringing ease to activities of daily living, while allowing the body to perform at optimal levels.