What to Expect in your 1st Konnection session

Stepping into a Pilates studio can be quite intimidating at first. You may look around at all of the odd contraptions and ask yourself, ‘how is this all going to work for my body?’ We are here to reassure you that you are in the right place! Konnect Pilates is a warm, comfortable, friendly non-competitive environment with caring, fully comprehensively certified Pilates instructors whom have years of experience and that are all eager to help you reach your personal and health and fitness goals.

When you come in for your first session you can expect the following:

  • A friendly Konnect team member will greet you and show you around our 5,000 sq ft facility and advise you where to put your personal belongings.
  • You will be given a brief client profile document to complete and sign.
  • You will meet your Pilates instructor and he/she will perform a postural analysis. The postural analysis helps us identify muscular imbalances, strengths, and weaknesses, areas where we will focus when designing your personal fitness program. Leave the work to us!
  • Included in your 55 minute session is also an introduction or review of the fundamentals and Principles of Pilates as well as a brief workout on the Pilates equipment.
  • Your instructor will provide you with a Konnect Fitness Journal and take homes, together you will discuss your fitness goals.

Lastly, your instructor will recommend a program based on their findings that will best suit your goals and needs. This First Konnection is a  session that you won’t want to miss out on wether you have been doing Pilates for years or brand new to the practice you will leave with a wealth of knowledge, goals to get you on your journey and some fun take homes!

First Konnection

We will learn about your goals and you will learn about us!
We will design a program to achieve your goals to get started with us today!

Do not fill this form out if you are a solicitor.