Dance Konditioning

Dancers of all skill levels need additional training outside of their dance classes in order to perform to the best of their abilities. The skills used in Pilates complement those used in dance, which is why many dancers choose Pilates as their source for additional training.

Pilates provides much-needed conditioning for dancers and can improve their skill levels in numerous ways, including improving core strength, muscle control and breathing, and flexibility. Pilates also benefits dancers by developing muscles. However, instead of creating bulky muscles, Pilates creates long, lean muscles.

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Core Strength

Pilates and dance are similar in the fact that they both involve an enormous amount of core strength. A strong core is essential to dancers, as it improves posture and back strength. Strength in the core and back allow dancers to have more control over their movements. Most arm movements start from the back, making a strong back necessary for fluid arm movements.

Core Strength
Muscle Control & Breathing

Muscle Control & Breathing

Whether you’re working one-on-one with an instructor or taking a class with a group, Pilates teaches you how to control your muscles and utilize your breathing. Both muscle control and breathing are an integral part of dancing, and in order to achieve fluidity in their routines, dancers need to have full control of their muscles coupled with even breathing.


Pilates helps both dancers and non-dancers increase their flexibility. Long stretches and controlled poses help to work both the major muscle groups, and the minor muscle groups that are often ignored. The strengthening of both groups leads to longer and leaner muscles that are more flexible.

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Pilates helps both dancers and non-dancers increase their flexibility

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