Part mind-body, part cardio, part strength and totally unique!

Part mind-body, part cardio, part strength, the exercises on the CoreAlign® are easy to learn and are designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement. Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, CoreAlign® exercises facilitate musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stability in muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training.

How It Works

CoreAlign® is another great benefit of Konnect Pilates’ private training program that has been designed for performance enhancement and as a regular exercise regimen to build a healthier mind and body. Konnect Pilates is also a partner of Balanced Body’s CoreAlign® training program! We are proud to offer CA1 and CA2 training throughout the year.

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“I just love Konnect Pilatets”

I love how we are not a number just the client we are people you care about and if we have injuries or anything you help us map things out in Taylor exercises and classes and privates to help restore we claim we juveniles uplift strengthen and power it’s wonderful …

Craig Hogan

“Wealth of pilates knowledge”

Two weeks ago, I finally had my very first pilates experience at Konnect Pilates. I was very nervous coming to my very first appointment, not knowing what to expect. That nervousness was eased quickly with the friendly service at the front desk…

Anh Nguyen