Easy Tips for Making Healthy Habits


Photographer: Matthew LeJune | Source: UnsplashMany of us have heard the saying that it takes about 21 days to make a new habit. While that may sound easy enough to be tolerable and can inspire

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6 Benefits of Mindful Meditation


In Pilates, one of our goals is creating a more mindful practice and better connection to the body. There are many incredible results that come from meditative practice. But here we will focus on 6 benefits of mindful meditation.

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Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?


Pilates is also very beneficial to the core. Every move associated with a Pilates workout focuses on the core giving your body a leaner, shapelier look overall. It also improves posture, can be great for rehabilitation and help to relieve anxiety.

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Pilates After Injuries


Physical Therapy is the perfect beginning to your recovery, as a great Physical Therapist will help you rehabilitate your injury and create accurate and appropriate habits for that area. Pilates is the perfect re-entry into a fitness routine, helps create long term healthy habits and can even aid in the recuperation of the injury.

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June Challenge


Summer Fun @KonnectPilates

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Tips For Healthy And Fit Summer


Though a healthy lifestyle is recommended year-round, there is no question that summertime is when we are most likely to strive for a better body. We spend more time in tank tops and bathing suits and typically

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