June Challenge


Summer Fun @KonnectPilates

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Tips For Healthy And Fit Summer


Though a healthy lifestyle is recommended year-round, there is no question that summertime is when we are most likely to strive for a better body. We spend more time in tank tops and bathing suits and typically

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Dance Konditioning


How did the Dance Konditiong program at Konnect Pilates get created? Learn More!

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Did you know?


Client Monthly Mini Workshops at Konnect Pilates Learn More!

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How to Become a Pilates Instructor in California


To become a certified Pilates instructor takes a knowledgeable mind, interest in people, anatomy, physiology and physical knowledge of the Pilates method. This exercise system was developed by Joseph Pilates, with its original name being “Contrology”. He designed it to improve physical fitness for everyone, from professional athletes to beginners.

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