Steps for Living a Healthier Life


Taking good care of your body and mind can strongly impact how healthy we are in general and how well we cope with change. Exercising, relaxing and getting enough rest and proper nutrition will help you be more productive and enjoy life to the fullest. Taking good care of yourself may require a little extra time and effort, but it’s worth it.

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The Benefits of Bodhi


The BODHI suspension system allows for endless possibilities and opportunities for the user to suspend the body from each point. It works to improve strength, flexibility, balance, stability and proprioception.

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The Benefits of MOTR


As Pilates continues to grow in popularity, new types of workouts are emerging. One of these is the MOTR workout. MOTR was introduced just a few years ago and stands for More Than A Roller. The MOTR itself is a piece of equipment that makes the workout possible. Read on to find out more about how this unique exercise form can benefit you.

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6 Easy Snack Ideas To Boost Energy


Experiencing lack of energy could affect your daily activities and make you less productive. So if you find yourself slumped over your desk at work or daydreaming about a powernap, try one of these energy-boosting snacks instead of drowning yourself in yet another cup of coffee. These will provide you with enough stamina to power through the day and they are easy to prepare and take on the go!

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Tips For Staying Motivated With A Fast Paced Lifestyle


Keeping up a healthy lifestyle without running yourself into the ground is a difficult task, to say the least. Exercise is important for our physical and emotional wellbeing. With that said, staying fit is often easier said than done, especially with our increasingly busy lifestyles!

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Simple Summertime Tips For Activity In Warmer Weather


Exercising or activities in hot weather puts extra stress on your body and if you are not cautious then you are at risk for serious illness. Take into consideration both the exercise itself and the air temperature and humidity, as both can increase your core body temperature.

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Pilates And Stress Reduction


Photographer: Matteo Vistocco | Source: UnsplashSometimes it’s a long day at the office or a challenging day with the family that can trigger feeling stressed. There are so many things in this fast-paced life that

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Easy Tips for Making Healthy Habits


Photographer: Matthew LeJune | Source: UnsplashMany of us have heard the saying that it takes about 21 days to make a new habit. While that may sound easy enough to be tolerable and can inspire

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