Simple Summertime Tips For Activity In Warmer Weather


Exercising or activities in hot weather puts extra stress on your body and if you are not cautious then you are at risk for serious illness. Take into consideration both the exercise itself and the air temperature and humidity, as both can increase your core body temperature.

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Pilates And Stress Reduction


Photographer: Matteo Vistocco | Source: UnsplashSometimes it’s a long day at the office or a challenging day with the family that can trigger feeling stressed. There are so many things in this fast-paced life that

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Easy Tips for Making Healthy Habits


Photographer: Matthew LeJune | Source: UnsplashMany of us have heard the saying that it takes about 21 days to make a new habit. While that may sound easy enough to be tolerable and can inspire

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6 Benefits of Mindful Meditation


In Pilates, one of our goals is creating a more mindful practice and better connection to the body. There are many incredible results that come from meditative practice. But here we will focus on 6 benefits of mindful meditation.

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Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?


Pilates is also very beneficial to the core. Every move associated with a Pilates workout focuses on the core giving your body a leaner, shapelier look overall. It also improves posture, can be great for rehabilitation and help to relieve anxiety.

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Pilates After Injuries


Physical Therapy is the perfect beginning to your recovery, as a great Physical Therapist will help you rehabilitate your injury and create accurate and appropriate habits for that area. Pilates is the perfect re-entry into a fitness routine, helps create long term healthy habits and can even aid in the recuperation of the injury.

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