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Seated Long Box with Konnector


Seated long box with Konnector allows the body to understand the concept of opposing each movement, especially while using all four straps. Use the double straps around the feet, adding the triple strap for a

Seated Long Box with Konnector2019-02-14T06:11:22+00:00

Konnector Long Box Variations 1


Konnector long box variations allows every exercise to have more variations and challenges. The Long Box extension series becomes more expansive with the Konnector, letting the user move the arms and legs at the

Konnector Long Box Variations 12019-02-13T10:53:17+00:00

Trapeze Table with Horizontal Bar or Slider


Trapeze table is a unique piece of equipment, originally designed from a hospital bed, that allows a multifaceted workout. From basic movements to advanced exercises, it allows the body to explore different variations on the

Trapeze Table with Horizontal Bar or Slider2019-02-13T11:25:54+00:00

Konnector Long Box Hamstrings


Konnector Long Box Hamstrings provides a moving challenge for the hamstrings, core and back. When the Konnector is added to the exercises, it provides more instability. The Konnector asks the body to stabilize and Konnect

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