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6 Benefits of Mindful Meditation


In Pilates, one of our goals is creating a more mindful practice and better connection to the body. There are many incredible results that come from meditative practice. But here we will focus on 6 benefits of mindful meditation.

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Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?


Pilates is also very beneficial to the core. Every move associated with a Pilates workout focuses on the core giving your body a leaner, shapelier look overall. It also improves posture, can be great for rehabilitation and help to relieve anxiety.

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Pilates After Injuries


Physical Therapy is the perfect beginning to your recovery, as a great Physical Therapist will help you rehabilitate your injury and create accurate and appropriate habits for that area. Pilates is the perfect re-entry into a fitness routine, helps create long term healthy habits and can even aid in the recuperation of the injury.

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How to Become a Pilates Instructor in California


To become a certified Pilates instructor takes a knowledgeable mind, interest in people, anatomy, physiology and physical knowledge of the Pilates method. This exercise system was developed by Joseph Pilates, with its original name being “Contrology”. He designed it to improve physical fitness for everyone, from professional athletes to beginners.

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